How to solve some problems in the use of PVC Layflat hose?

The PVC Layflat hose is a water-saving irrigation tool, widely used in agriculture. It is easy to use. However, in the actual application, due to improper operation and improper storage methods, it is inevitably damaged. How to avoid it? How to solve the problems?
1.During the laying of the PVC Layflat hose, avoid sharp objects.

2.Hose connection, when the agricultural PVC Layflat hose is put on the hose interface, it must be fastened with the hose clamp.

3.After the use of agricultural PVC Layflat hose, they must be dried. They can neither be exposed to high temperatures nor hung in cold places. Exposure to high temperatures can cause the hose to oxidize and fall off. When hanging it to dry in a strong cold state, the rubber skin in the hose becomes hard and easily breaks.

4.After the PVC Layflat hose is used, it must be cleaned. For the hose that conveys foam, it must be washed with water to protect the rubber layer. When the hose is touched by hand, the surface layer is soft and not wet, and it can be placed in the warehouse.

5.Damage to PVC Layflat hose includes wear, corrosion, aging, and so on. We can repair the hose according to the reason and the degree of damage. If it is a hole, we can cut a part of the hose from the old hose. The area of ​​the cut hose is larger than the area of ​​the hole. Use an electric soldering iron to slowly stick it on. If there is water leakage at the joint, we can cut off the joint and re-tie it.

Timely repair and maintenance can extend the service life of the PVC Layflat hose.

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