What is Suction Hose?

Suction Hose is a specific type of hose used in drafting operations when uses a vacuum to draw water from a portable water tank, pool, or another static water source. It is built to withstand vacuum, rather than pressure, abrasion, and heat. These are connected to the suction side of the pump.

There are two types of suction hoses:

The hard suction hose, and the flexible suction hose. The hard suction hose works to draft water from below the pump, which prevents collapsing under vacuum conditions.

The flexible suction hose transfers water between the fire engine and the water source; whether it be a hydrant, tanker, another engine, or a body of water.

The material of suction hoses. The suction hose comes in multiple sizes, from 5/16 to 14 inches (8 to 350 mm) in diameter with different materials.

types of suction hoses

Rubber suction hose with medium-duty suitable for use in agricultural, construction and mining industries. The hose is suitable for water, seawater and light slurry in both negative and positive pressure applications. This acid and the chemical multi-purpose hose is designed for suction and delivery of chemicals and fertilizers in general industrial and agricultural applications. The hose has a black EPDM rubber tube which is reinforced by high tensile textile cords which is embedded with a steel helix wire.

rubber suction discharge hose
pvc suction hose

PVC Spiral Suction Hose with rigid PVC helix reinforced, smooth tube, is well used in industrial and agricultural applications for pumping and transferring needs. They are used for transferring water from wells, dams, tanks to fields. Suitable for conveying liquid, powder, and granular material.

PVC Steel wire Reinforced suction hose with steel wire reinforced. Transparent PVC cover, widely used for suction and discharge of water, oil, and powder in the factory, agriculture, engineering, and sanitation lines. In shipyards, industries, buildings, agricultural, and industrial machinery.

pvc steel wire hose

TPU suction hose

TPU Suction Hose With Helix or steel wire is made of TPU and high-strength plastic. It features lightweight, good softness, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high transparency, no toxicity or odor, small bending radius, and good load resistant capability. It can keep its original shape in the vacuum status and keep good flexibility at extremely low temperatures. It has extremely high strength and long service life.