How to choose the right lay flat hose?

Types of layflat hose

Types of layflat hose

PVC Layflat Hose

PVC Layflat hose is a very popular material of lay flat hose, It is perfect for use with water, light chemicals and other industrial, agricultural, irrigation, mining, and construction fluids.

Working pressure always from 2 bar to 10 bar.

Temperature Range:-10°C To +65°C (14°F To +150°F) , Affordable and versatile.

If you only want to buy the cheapest lay flat hose 2 bar is your best choice.

If you want to buy the heavy-duty lay flat hose, working pressure from 6 bar,8 bar, 10 bar is your good choice.

If you want to buy standard duty for general purpose water delivery and irrigation, 3-4 bar is your best choice, because the price is affordable, the market is large, and the user base is very wide.

pvc layflat hose

standard duty layflat hose

TPU layflat hose

Polyurethane lay flat hose is made from thermoplastic polyether-based polyurethane (TPU) covered and lined by high pressure around a circular woven jacket made from high tenacity filament polyester yarn. Polyurethane layflat hose used for irrigation, frac, water well, and concrete. High resistance against commonly used chemicals and has excellent resistance to UV. Well-resist UV and kink, and more abrasion-resistant.

Working pressure from 150 PSI to 1700 PSI.

Operating Temperature Range: From -60° F to 176° F (-50° C to 80° C)

This kind of TPU layflat hose quality is really good. The quality of this product is the best, and of course, the price is also the most expensive.

blue TPU layflat hose

blue TPU layflat hose

Nitrile/PVC Layflat Hose

PVC Nitrile Layflat Hose is widely used in Water discharge, Drainage, Irrigation installations, Pumping of sludge and liquid fertilizers, Chemical industry, mine, and so on. The hose is popular due to its heavy-duty and abrasive assistance.

There has a low-pressure hose with 150PSI working pressure. Heavy Duty one with 300 PSI working pressure.

Temperatures range from -20℉ to 178℉ (-29℃ to 81℃).

yellow heavy duty layflat hose

Yellow NBR/PVC Flat Hose