What is pvc suction hose ?

This hose is a lightweight and flexible, high-quality PVC hose specially designed for suction, transfer, or drainage applications where visual flow is preferred. It is suitable for countless industrial and construction liquid applications where only mild chemical resistance is required. It is more economical and much lighter than similar rubber hoses and has a smooth bore. It is also well suited to outdoor service. 100% Food Grade materials can be used if required.

  • PVC hose with rigid PVC spiral

  • Designed for transfer of a variety of liquids

  • Superb resistance to harsh operating environments

  • Maintains transparency over time

  • Operating temperature -10C – +60C

Typical Media:

  • Beverages

  • Liquids

  • Milk

  • Non-fatty and non-oily foods

  • Potable water

Typical Applications/Markets:

  • Delivery • In-plant tank transfer • Storage tank transfer • Transportation