Heavy Duty Strength Hose Clamp(Double Bolts)

Double Bolts and Double Bands Super Hose Clamp have double screws providing it a high clamping force. Stainless steel heavy-duty double bolts hose clamps have a double band making them a very strong heavy-duty clamp. Contains 2 bridges welded onto the clamp band for optimal hose protection. Contains 2 pairs of solid metal rollers which complement the strength of the double band. The Stainless steel heavy-duty double bolt allows for easy fitting on prefixed hoses. The Double Bolts and Double Bands Super Hose Clamp is a specialized type of hose clamp that offers enhanced strength and stability for securing hoses and pipes in demanding applications. It is designed to provide a secure and reliable connection, particularly for larger-diameter hoses or pipes where increased clamping force is required.

Advantages of Double Bolts Heavy Duty Hose Clamp:

  • The outer edge of the band with smoothing and shaping treatment precludes the damage of the hose.
  • Using high-quality material and precise stamping molding prevents thread stripping.
  • With precise design, uniform stress, good sealing ability, can be twisted smoothly, and used multiple times.

Specification of Double Bolts and Double Bands Super Hose Clamp

  1. Double Bolts: Unlike traditional hose clamps that have a single bolt or screw mechanism, the Double Bolts Super Hose Clamp features two bolts or screws. This double-bolt design allows for greater clamping force and ensures a tighter and more secure connection.
  2. Double Bands: In addition to the double bolts, this type of hose clamp also has double bands. The bands are typically made of stainless steel or galvanized steel and provide additional strength and stability. The use of double bands helps distribute the clamping force evenly around the hose or pipe, minimizing the risk of leaks or disconnection.
  3. Adjustable Size Range: The Double Bolts and Double Bands Super Hose Clamp is available in various sizes to accommodate different hose or pipe diameters. The adjustable screw mechanism allows for precise fitting and tightening, ensuring a proper and secure connection.
  4. High Strength and Durability: The double-bolt and double-band construction of this hose clamp provides exceptional strength and durability. It is designed to withstand high levels of tension and is resistant to corrosion, making it suitable for challenging environments or applications.
  5. Wide Range of Applications: The Double Bolts and Double Bands Super Hose Clamp is commonly used in industrial, agricultural, and automotive applications where a strong and reliable connection is crucial. It is particularly well-suited for heavy-duty hoses or pipes that are subjected to high pressure, vibrations, or extreme conditions.
Size Range Bandwidth thickness of band screw Item no. Suggested Package
mm mm mm mm W1 W4 W5 Install torque pcs/carton
35–45 20 1.0 M6*45 QL05A3545 QL05D3545 QL05E3545 9Nm 100
40–50 QL05A4050 QL05D4050 QL05E4050 100
45–55 QL05A4555 QL05D4555 QL05E4555 100
50–60 QL05A5060 QL05D5060 QL05E5060 100
55–65 QL05A5565 QL05D5565 QL05E5565 100
60–70 QL05A6070 QL05D6070 QL05E6070 100
65–75 QL05A6575 QL05D6575 QL05E6575 100
70–80 QL05A7080 QL05D7080 QL05E7080 100
75–85 QL05A7585 QL05D7585 QL05E7585 100
80–90 QL05A8090 QL05D8090 QL05E8090 100
85–95 QL05A8595 QL05D8595 QL05E8595 100
67–70 24 1.0 M8*60 QL05A6770 QL05D6770 QL05E6770 18Nm 50
70–80 QL05A7080 QL05D7080 QL05E7080 50
80–90 QL05A8090 QL05D8090 QL05E8090 50
90–100 QL95A0100 QL95D0100 QL95E0100 50
100–110 QL115A0110 QL115D0110 QL115E0110 50
110–120 QL115A0120 QL115D0120 QL115E0120 50
120–130 QL125A0130 QL125D0130 QL125E0130 50
130–140 QL135A0140 QL135D0140 QL135E0140 50
140–150 QL145A0150 QL145D0150 QL145E0150 50
150–160 QL155A0160 QL155D0160 QL155E0160 50
160–170 QL165A0170 QL165D0170 QL165E0170 50
170–180 QL175A0180 QL175D0180 QL175E0180 50
180–190 QL185A0190 QL185D0190 QL185E0190 25
190–200 QL195A0200 QL195D0200 QL195E0200 25
200–210 QL205A0210 QL205D0210 QL205E0210 25
210–220 QL215A0220 QL215D0220 QL215E0220 25
220–230 QL225A0230 QL225D0230 QL225E0230 25
230–240 QL235A0240 QL235D0240 QL235E0240 25
240–250 QL245A0250 QL245D0250 QL245E0250 25
250–260 QL255A0260 QL255D0260 QL255E0260 25
260–270 QL265A0270 QL265D0270 QL265E0270 25
270–280 QL275A0280 QL275D0280 QL275E0280 25
290–300 QL295A0300 QL295D0300 QL295E0300 25
Material Band bridge Trunnion bolt
W1 Zinc-plated steel Zinc-plated steel Zinc-plated steel Zinc-plated steel
W4 AISI 301SS/304SS AISI 301SS/304SS AISI 301SS/304SS A2-70
W5 AISI 316SS AISI 316SS AISI 316SS A4-70

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