German Type Hose Clamp

German Type Worm drive hose clamp Use the open internal and external circle structure with the screw fixed. It is effective to solve the problem that when a small diameter soft tube connects to the hard tube, it is easy to appear dead angle and liquid or gas leakage problem. The non-perforated band protects the soft-hose surface from shearing during installation. And the worm drive clamp is necessary for all kinds of hose interfaces to tighten connecting fittings. German Type Worm drive hose clamp is commonly used in automotive, industrial, mining, marine, and general hardware applications. German Type Hose Clamps, also known as German Style or German Standard Hose Clamps, are widely used in various industries and applications for securing hoses and pipes. They are called “German Type” because they originated and are commonly used in Germany and other European countries.

  • The German standard hoop clamp is made with precision, not only the appearance is beautiful, the sealing effect is very good, and it can withstand a certain pressure.
  • The German standard hoop clamp is easy to install and disassemble, saves installation time, and improves work efficiency. It can be used many times and is not easy to be deformed.
  • German standard clamps provide a variety of hoop clamp types for different needs, corresponding to a variety of sealing rings, suitable for a wide range of applications, can completely replace the flange connection.

Specification of German Type 12mm non-perforated type with welded housing design

German Type Hose Clamps are widely used in automotive, industrial, plumbing, and other applications where a reliable and robust hose or pipe connection is required. They are suitable for various materials, including rubber, PVC, silicone, and metal hoses or pipes.

Range Item NO. Package
mm W1 W2 W4 W5 pcs/bag pcs/carton
12-20 DS01A121220 DS01B121220 DS01D121220 DS01E121220 50 1000
16-27 DS01A121627 DS01B121627 DS01D121627 DS01E121627 50 1000
20-32 DS01A122032 DS01B122032 DS01D122032 DS01E122032 50 1000
25-40 DS01A122540 DS01B122540 DS01D122540 DS01E122540 50 500
30-45 DS01A123045 DS01B123045 DS01D123045 DS01E123045 50 500
35-50 DS01A123550 DS01B123550 DS01D123550 DS01E123550 25 500
40-60 DS01A124060 DS01B124060 DS01D124060 DS01E124060 10 500
50-70 DS01A125070 DS01B125070 DS01D125070 DS01E125070 10 500
60-80 DS01A126080 DS01B126080 DS01D126080 DS01E126080 10 250
70-90 DS01A127090 DS01B127090 DS01D127090 DS01E127090 10 250
80-100 DS01A1280100 DS01B1280100 DS01D1280100 DS01E1280100 10 250
90-110 DS01A1290110 DS01B1290110 DS01D1290110 DS01E1290110 10 250
100-120 DS01A12100120 DS01B12100120 DS01D12100120 DS01E12100120 10 250
110-130 DS01A12110130 DS01B12110130 DS01D12110130 DS01E12110130 10 200
120-140 DS01A12120140 DS01B12120140 DS01D12120140 DS01E12120140 10 200
130-150 DS01A12130150 DS01B12130150 DS01D12130150 DS01E12130150 10 200
140-160 DS01A12140160 DS01B12140160 DS01D12140160 DS01E12140160 10 200
150-170 DS01A12150170 DS01B12150170 DS01D12150170 DS01E12150170 10 200
160-180 DS01A12160180 DS01B12160180 DS01D12160180 DS01E12160180 10 100
170-190 DS01A12170190 DS01B12170190 DS01D12170190 DS01E12170190 10 100
Material Band Housing Screw suggested install torque
W1 Zinc plated steel Zinc plated steel Zinc plated steel φx≤φ25 3.0Nm
φx≥27 3.4Nm
W2 AISI 430SS/203SS AISI 430SS/203SS Zinc plated steel 4.5Nm
W4 AISI 301SS/304SS AISI 301SS/304SS AISI 301SS/304SS φx≤φ25 4.0Nm
φx≥φ27 4.9Nm

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