Heavy Duty Hose Clamp With Single Bolt used on a variety of hoses for securing couplings and onto fixed pipework. Wide bandwidth and non-slip bolt mechanism ensure a secure grip when higher torque is required. The heavy-duty single bolt super clamp is an ideal fix for flexible suction or pressure hoses.  The fittings are very precise so make sure that you order the correct size for your suction hose or pressure hose. The Heavy Duty Hose Clamp with Single Bolt is a type of hose clamp designed for secure and reliable fastening of hoses in various applications. It is specifically engineered to provide a strong and tight connection between hoses and pipes, ensuring minimal leaks and optimal performance.

  • Bolt –8.8 grade bolt provides high performance.
  • Reinforced band loops – ability to withstand much higher torques
  • welding spots-– ability to withstand much higher torques.
  • Bridge – hose protection.
  • Band with rounded edges – prevents injuries and damage to hoses
  • Material and size stamped on the band.

Specification of Heavy Duty Hose Clamp With Single Bolt

  1. Single Bolt Design: Unlike standard hose clamps that feature multiple bolts or screws, the Heavy Duty Hose Clamp with Single Bolt utilizes a single bolt mechanism for tightening. This design simplifies the installation process while still offering sufficient clamping force.
  2. High-Quality Materials: The clamp is typically constructed from durable and corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel or galvanized steel. These materials ensure longevity and resistance to environmental factors, including moisture and chemicals.
  3. Adjustable Size Range: The Heavy Duty Hose Clamp with Single Bolt is available in various sizes to accommodate different hose or pipe diameters. The adjustable screw mechanism allows for easy resizing to fit the specific application, providing a snug and secure fit.
  4. Sturdy Construction: This type of hose clamp is known for its robust construction, which allows it to withstand high levels of tension and pressure. It is designed to hold hoses firmly in place, even under challenging conditions, such as vibration or temperature variations.
  5. Wide Range of Applications: The Heavy Duty Hose Clamp with a Single Bolt is widely used across industries, including automotive, industrial, plumbing, and agriculture. It is suitable for securing hoses in applications where a strong and reliable connection is required, such as coolant systems, air intake systems, and hydraulic systems.
Size mm Item no. screw bandwidth mm thickness of band mm suggested install torque
W1 W4
68-73 QL06A6873 QL06D6873 M10×70 30 1.7 30Nm
74-79 QL06A7479 QL06D7479 M10×70
80-85 QL06A8085 QL06D8085 M10×70
86-91 QL06A8691 QL06D8691 M10×70
92-97 QL06A9297 QL06D9297 M10×70
98-103 QL06A98103 QL06D98103 M10×70
104-112 QL106A4112 QL106D4112 M10×70
113-121 QL116A3121 QL116D3121 M10×70
122-130 QL126A2130 QL126D2130 M10×90
131-139 QL136A1139 QL136D1139 M10×90
140-148 QL146A0148 QL146D0148 M10×90
149-161 QL146A9161 QL146D9161 M10×90
162-174 QL166A2174 QL166D2174 M10×90
175-187 QL176A5187 QL176D5187 M10×90
188-200 QL186A8200 QL186D8200 M10×90
201-213 QL206A1213 QL206D1213 M10×100
214-226 QL216A4226 QL216D4226 M10×100
227-239 QL226A7239 QL226D7239 M10×100
240-252 QL246A0252 QL246D0252 M10×100
248-260 QL246A8260 QL246D8260 M10×100
Material Band bridge Trunnion washer
W1 Zinc-plated steel Zinc-plated steel Zinc-plated steel Zinc-plated steel
W4 AISI 301SS/304ss AISI 301SS/304ss AISI 301SS/304ss AISI 301SS/304ss

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