TPU Suction Hose With Helix

TPU Suction Hose With Helix is made of TPU and high-strength plastic. It features lightweight, good softness, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high transparency, no toxicity or odor, a small bending radius, and good load-resistant capability. It can keep its original shape in the vacuum status and keep good flexibility at extremely low temperatures. It has extremely high strength and long service life. Hardness Shore A ±5: As per your request, Such as 70A & 98A. TPU suction hose with a helix is a specialized type of hose used for suction applications that require durability, flexibility, and resistance to abrasion. TPU stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethane, which is a strong and versatile material known for its excellent physical properties.

  • Tube: High-quality TPU compound
  • Reinforcement: Steel Wire or White PVC Helix.
  • Cover: High-quality TPU compound
  • Application: Applicable to pumping powder and grain in the vacuum status as well as conveying water, oil, and chemical material.
  • Temp. Range. :  – 35 ̊C  to +90 ̊C (95°F to 194°F)

Specification of TPU Suction Hose With Helix

TPU Suction Hose With Helix widely used in the fields of mining, agriculture, and irrigation, civil works, foodstuff, petroleum, chemicals, sanitation, etc. It has wide application in the fields of farm irrigation, mining, oil depot, sand pumping, sandblast, foodstuff, medicine as well as absorption and discharging of indoor gas, powder, and dust, etc.

The TPU material used in the suction hose offers several advantages. It is resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and UV radiation, making it suitable for use in harsh environments. The material also maintains its flexibility and elasticity even in extreme temperatures, ensuring reliable performance in both hot and cold conditions.

Part No. Size Specification PRESSURE LENGTH
Inch I.D. (mm) Thickness(mm) P+(bar) P-(bar) m/roll
SHPU-19 3/4″ 19 0.9 2.750 0.550 10
SHPU-25 1″ 25 0.9 2.690 0.495 10
SHPU-32 1-1/4″ 32 0.9 2.120 0.460 10
SHPU-38 1-1/2″ 38 0.9 1.795 0.460 10
SHPU-50 2″ 50 0.9 1.370 0.365 10
SHPU-63 2-1/2″ 63 0.9 1.150 0.300 10
SHPU-75 3″ 75 0.9 0.920 0.195 10
SHPU-90 3-1/2″ 90 0.9 0.770 0.155 10
SHPU-100 4″ 100 0.9 0.690 0.120 10
SHPU-125 5″ 125 0.9 0.560 0.085 10
SHPU-150 6″ 150 0.9 0.460 0.075 10
SHPU-200 8″ 200 0.9 0.350 0.055 10

Material and Production of TPU Suction Hose With Helix

TPU Suction Hose
tpu suction hose manufacturing

Package Style of TPU Suction Hose With Helix

TPU Spiral Suction Hose with Helix
Steel Wire Reinforced TPU Hose

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