Rubber Fuel & Oil Hose

Rubber fuel oil hose also called flexible reinforced oil hose, reinforced fuel tubing, fuel oil pipeline. It is suitable for the transportation of gasoline, kerosene, engine oil, and lubricating oil, or other mineral oil in industrial and mining machinery, oil depots, terminals at normal temperatures, delivery hose.

Alias: Rubber fuel oil hoses, Flexible Reinforced oil Hoses, reinforced fuel tubing, fuel oil pipeline.

Rubber Fuel & Oil Hose is a type of hose specifically designed for the transfer of fuel and oil in various applications. It is commonly used in automotive, industrial, and marine environments where the transportation of fuel or oil is required.

This hose is made of rubber, which provides excellent resistance to fuel, oil, and other petroleum-based products. The inner tube of the hose is smooth and specifically formulated to handle the flow of fuel and oil without degradation or contamination.

The hose is reinforced with multiple layers of synthetic fabric or helical steel wire, depending on the application and the required strength. This reinforcement enhances the hose’s durability and ability to withstand high-pressure conditions, ensuring safe and reliable fuel and oil transfer.

The outer cover of the hose is typically made of synthetic rubber or a blend of rubber and abrasion-resistant materials. It protects the hose from external damage, including abrasion, weathering, and exposure to harsh chemicals.

  • Tube:  Black NBR rubber, smooth.
  • Reinforcement: High tensile synthetic yarn braided.
  • Cover: Abrasion, ozone and oil-resistant synthetic Nitrile rubber.
  • Application: For conveying petroleum-based products, such as fuel, diesel, gasoline, lubricants.
  • Temp. Range. :– 30 ̊C  to +80 ̊C (22°F to 176°F)

Specification of Multipurpose Rubber Fuel & Oil Hose

RUBBER MULTI-PURPOSE FUEL/OIL HOSE  is suitable for the conveyance of petroleum products with up to 50% aromatic content, including unleaded petrol. The hose is suitable for petrol, diesel, ethanol, and gasoline and is very flexible for easy routing. Rubber Fuel & Oil Hose is available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different fuel and oil transfer requirements. It is essential to choose the appropriate hose size, pressure rating, and temperature range based on the specific application and the types of fuels or oils being handled.

Part No. Size I.D. Thickness Length W.P. B.P. Weight
# Inch mm mm m/coil Bar Bar kg/m
SHRF0512 3/16″ 5 3.5 100 20 60 0.14
SHRF0613 1/4″ 6 3.5 100 20 60 0.17
SHRF0815 5/16″ 8 3.5 100 20 60 0.23
SHRF1017 3/8″ 10 3.5 100 20 60 0.26
SHRF1322 1/2″ 13 4.5 100 20 60 0.36
SHRF1625 5/8″ 16 4.5 50 20 60 0.53
SHRF1929 3/4″ 19 5 50 20 60 0.64
SHRF2536 1″ 25 5.5 50 20 60 0.85
SHRF3243 1-1/4″ 32 5.5 50 10 30 1.26
SHRF3850 1-1/2″ 38 6 50 10 30 1.42
SHRF5165 2″ 51 7 50 10 30 1.80

Material and Production of Rubber Fuel & Oil Hose

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Package Style of Rubber Fuel & Oil Hose

Rubber hose package
rubber fuel hose package

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