Flexible Pool Hose & Spa Hose

Flexible Pool and Spa hose is used for swimming pools, jetted hot tubs, spas, water suction, and water transfer applications. Pool Spa Hose is Precision Controlled OD – Designed to be glued into Schedule 40 PVC fittings. It is measured by nominal hose pipe size as its OD is identical to the OD of PVC pipe to accommodate slip-on style glue fittings (when attaching PVC fittings, use PVC-to-flex cement).

  • Tube:  High-quality virgin PVC compound.
  • Reinforcement: Rigid PVC helix
  • Cover: Weather Resistant PVC Outer Cover.
  • Application: For swimming pools, tubs, spas, and more.
  • Temp. Range. :  – 5 ̊C  to +60 ̊C (23°F to 140°F)

Specification of Pool Hose & Spa Hose

PVC Pool and Spa Hose are manufactured from a high-quality virgin PVC compound, Flexible PVC wall and cover for ease of use, Rigid PVC spiral resists crushing and impact, PSI and vac rating are based on an open-ended system at ambient temperatures, Flexible and easy to handle, Sized to be glued into standard PVC fittings, Can also be attached over barb fittings. Outside diameter tolerance ± 0.20 inch, Temperature range 23 to 150°F, Attractive off-white color.

Part No. Size O.D. Thickness Length W.P. Bend Radius Weight
# Inch mm mm ft/coil Bar inch mm kg/m
SHPS1926 3/4″ 26 3.5 100 6 2″ 50 0.32
SHPS2532 1″ 32 3.5 100 6 2″ 50 0.50
SHPS3138 1-1/4″ 38 3.5 100 4 4″ 100 0.63
SHPS4148 1-1/2″ 48 4.0 50/100 4 5″ 125 0.70
SHPS5160 2″ 60 4.5 50/100 4.8 6″ 150 1.10

NOTE: The above pressure is based on temperatures 20°C & 68°F.Like other materials, PVC pools & Spa Hoses can be damaged by rodents or insects, including termites. Spa hoses should not be used underground in areas infested by termites. Not for potable water use. If the hose product is stored for a long time, it needs to be covered with light-proof materials, especially in countries or regions with high ultraviolet intensity.

Material and Package of Flexible Pool Hose

Flexible pool hose
PVC Spa Hose

Precision Controlled Outer Diameter of Pool and Spa Hose

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