Suction hose for water pump

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Despite the importance of suction and discharge hoses, they are often overlooked by water pump users. The hoses are used to draw and deliver liquid from one location to another. They are commonly utilized in various applications such as construction dewatering, septic handling, agriculture, firefighting, and more.

There are many types of suction and discharge hoses that can be utilized. They can be constructed in various lengths and features, and they can be matched to your specific application. Some of these are designed for specific uses, such as high-pressure models that can handle temperatures up to 170 degrees.

Suction Hoses for water pump

Suction and discharge hoses made of reinforced plastic are commonly used to prevent them from collapsing during use. Lay-flat discharge hoses are also commonly used for easy storage and handling.

PVC, nitrile, rubber, and synthetic fiber are some of the materials used to make these hoses. Depending on the type of liquid that you are pumping, the length of the hose can range from 8 to 100 feet.

Agricultural applications, for example, may require longer hoses to effectively complete pumping chores. Materials containing solids of any kind require larger diameters. Complete kits are also available with suction and discharge hoses, in addition to strainers to keep waste from clogging your pump and Camlock fittings for quick, easy connections. Sunhose features a wide selection of suction and discharge hoses.

suction hose for water pump

The most popular suction hoses for general water removal are green and clear/white. Both are constructed of an abrasion-resistant PVC compound with a rigid polypropylene helix and are rated at full vacuum. The clear PVC option does have the advantage of allowing the operator to see water flow, and visibility to check if the strainer is preventing damaging solids from passing through the pump.

In pumping applications that include trash and solids, we recommend using our yellow poly/rubber (also referred to as fertilizer solution hose) or our rubber suction hose. Both options have an EPDM rubber tube, offering greater wear resistance than the PVC suction hoses.