Pay attention to when sourcing lay flat hose

Lay Flat hose is flexible and designed for transferring liquids under pressure. Most people will be very familiar with what it looks like. Lay flat hose is probably the most commonly seen type of hose adopted by fire brigades for the delivery of water from the pump to the seat of the fire. It is also used more widely in applications such as irrigation, construction, and mining. It is manufactured to strict British Standards (BS) and DIN standards. Lay flat hose is only used for the delivery of fluid and not for any suction applications, as the hose has no ridged reinforcement that would enable it to retain its shape under suction.

Due to its many advantages over traditional Rubber and PVC hoses, Lay Flat hose can now be found throughout the industry for a large variety of delivery applications. This style is now manufactured by a great number of companies offering a wide range of pressure ratings, sizes and construction styles. Lay Flat hose is a cost-effective solution, which is both durable and resistant to abrasion.

The popular size of lay flat hose

  • The most common sizes are 2″,3″, and 4″ lay flat hose.
  • The small size of lay flat hose 3/4″,1″ and 1-1/2″.
  • The big size of lay flat hose is 6″ , 8″ ,10″,12″ and 16″ lay flat hose.
  • The poplar length of them is 100 meters or 50 meters per roll.
  • Big size of the lay flat hose is always 50 meters per roll. Because it is too heavy.
layflat pvc hose

What are the benefits of lay flat hose?

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Very Flexible and durable
  • Can be coiled for ease of storage and ease of handling – particularly on restricted sites
  • Low cost of transportation against shipping traditional hose
  • Available in Low, Medium, and High-Pressure styles depending on hose construction
  • Manufactured in long lengths cutting down on the number of couplings used for connection, therefore, limiting the potential for leaks.

Applications of Lay Flat Hose

  • Fire Fighting
  • Oil & Fuel
  • Agriculture including irrigation and drag hose
  • Dirty water and flood water evacuation
  • Construction and mining
  • General industrial applications