The Right Use of PVC Steel Wire Hose

The PVC steel wire hose is a PVC hose embedded with a steel wire skeleton. The inner and outer hose walls are transparent, smooth, and bubble-free, and the fluid transportation is clearly visible; low concentration acid and alkali resistance, high elasticity, not easy to age, long service life; small bending radius and high resistance to negative pressure. Besides, it can keep its original shape in a vacuum and under high pressure.

PVC steel wire hose is a PVC reinforced hose, which has the characteristics of anti-static, low temperature, and high-temperature resistance according to different usage conditions. Anti-static is mostly used in mines and oil transportation. In winter, PVC steel wire hoses are hard and can not be rolled up. Generally, low-temperature-resistant PVC steel wire hoses are selected in winter. High-temperature-resistant PVC steel wire hoses are mostly used in equipment. According to different usage conditions, the color and wall thickness can be customized.

Before using the hose, please confirm whether there are any abnormalities in the appearance of the hose (trauma, hardening, softening, discoloration, etc.); during the normal use of the hose, be sure to implement a regular inspection once a month. The service life of the hose is largely affected by the characteristics of the fluid, temperature, flow rate, and pressure. If abnormal signs are found in the pre-operation inspection and regular inspection, please stop using it immediately and repair or replace it with a new hose.
After using the hose, remove the residue inside the hose. Please keep it indoors or in a dark and ventilated place. Do not store the hose in an extremely bent state.

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