Unique High-Strength PVC Layflat Hose


  • PVC Layflat hose is a tough water discharge hose.
  • We choose high strength polyester filament and premium PVC as material and our advanced technique is one-step-extrusion. The filament is successively winded, regularly parted, and coated by PVC once.
  • Moreover, the high strength polyester filament provides great durability and strength in all working situations, it is highly durable while maintaining great flexibility and best suited for low medium pressure applications.


  • PVC Layflat Hose is an ideal product used for agriculture irrigation, forestry sprinkler irrigation, construction projects, industrial and mining enterprise.
  • It is designed for light and heavy-duty applications, and most commonly used in agricultural equipment where continuous water flow through irrigation systems is required. Additional uses include a water pump, pool & spa, construction, mines, and marine.


  • Size: 1/4″-16″
  • Working pressure:1-11bar
  • Weight: 0.15-6kg/m
  • Length: 50-100m/coil

Get more, please see the following document-PVC lay flat Hose.


  • Attractive appearance, lightweight, flexible texture;
  • High strength, acid & alkali resistant, aging resistant, anti-abrasion, stretching resistant, anti-wrinkle;
  • High burst-pressure, long service life, easy use & storage;
  • Non-toxic, environmental.