Agricultural PVC Layflat hose for water-saving irrigation

With the increasing shortage of freshwater resources in the world and human demand for food is also increasing. Freshwater resources have become a threat to agricultural development and world food supply. In order to solve the problems between the limited arable land, the shortage of freshwater resources, and the rising world demand for food, the development of water-saving irrigation has become very important. The use of water-saving irrigation can effectively save water resources. To be exact, this is an irrigation measure that maximizes the yield and output value of crops per unit of irrigation water and maximizes yield or profit with minimum water consumption. Through water-saving irrigation and timely irrigation of crops, the guaranteed rate of irrigation is improved, which can effectively promote the increase of grain production and income.

The agricultural PVC Layflat hose is light in weight, flexible, and has a smooth coating because it uses high-strength polyester and high-quality PVC synthetic materials as raw materials. The advantageous conditions of the agricultural PVC Layflat hoses can maintain the softness, elasticity, high-pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, abrasion resistance, and aging resistance of the hose fittings in low-temperature water, which effectively prolongs the service life of the agricultural PVC Layflat hose. Agricultural PVC Layflat hose is regarded as the most ideal water-saving irrigation tool at home and abroad. Because it saves water and land, saves energy, increases production, and saves costs. It’s easy to use and prevents soil erosion and soil Alkalization.

From traditional surface irrigation to drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, infiltration irrigation, and smart irrigation, the agricultural irrigation technology of PVC hoses has been gradually improved. Most countries adopt advanced modern water-saving irrigation techniques, such as sprinkler irrigation and micro-irrigation. All of these need to make a reasonable design according to the water demand characteristics, growth stages, climate, and soil conditions of the corresponding plants and formulate the corresponding irrigation system, timely, appropriate and reasonable irrigation.


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