PVC Suction Hose

PVC Suction hose is a major feature of aging resistance, strength and long service life, the pipe type of applications are wide, including industrial, agricultural, fishery construction, and household. It is an excellent substitute for rubber hose and metal hose. It is very easy to design and install manually.

1. PVC suction hose

Application: it is suitable for vacuum suction powder in industry, agriculture, water conservancy, and civil engineering.Particles, transport water, oil, etc.
Applicable temperature:-5 “C-65 °C.

pvc spiral suction hose

PVC  Suction Hose

2.PVC spiral suction hose

Uses: liquid food (non-fat food) suction and transportation. For example beverages, fruit juices, wine, vinegar, water-based foods with a primary alcohol content of no more than 15%. In line with the relevant EU food-grade indicators and regulations.
Features: PVC tube reinforced with hard PVC spiral plastic. The inner wall is smooth, light and soft. Strong and durable, anti-twist, resistant to weathering, resistant to most chemicals.

pvc pool spa hose

pvc pool & spa hose

3.PVC fabric reinforced suction hose

Application: suitable for suction and transportation of water, mineral water, liquid and other industries, construction, agriculture, construction, and other industries.

PVC Fabric Reinforced Suction Hose Corrugated

PVC Fabric Reinforced Suction Hose Corrugated

Pvc suction hose can be well used in different environments, at the same time, it is very convenient and has a strong overall application effect. It also has good tensile properties. In addition, their corrosion resistance is also very good, and their appearance is also very beautiful.