How to check the quality of steel wire reinforced PVC hose?

Steel Wire Reinforced PVC Hose is clear and transparent with good flexibility and a small bending radius. The features of clear PVC steel wire reinforced flexible hose are high-negative pressure resistant, high corrosion-resistant, non-toxic and long life.

  1. The high-quality PVC steel wire hose has no smell of other petrochemical products except a small amount of plastic smell. In addition, inferior steel hoses have a pungent diesel odor, which is difficult for people to approach especially in the hot summer.
  2. The inner and outer walls of the high-quality PVC steel wire hose are smooth and feel good. Low-quality tubes are rougher.
  3. Check the wall of the PVC steel wire hose for bubbles or other visible substances to confirm that it is colorless and transparent. Good PVC steel wire hose pipe wall crystal clear, without any impurities. The 2nd grade PVC steel wire hose has a yellowish color, which may be due to partial decomposition, aging, or long storage time caused by improper handling during the production process.
  4. Observe whether the steel wire hose cavity is neat and the wall thickness is uniform. High-quality PVC steel wire hose, the inner cavity, the outer edge of the standard circular tube wall. To an inner diameter of 25mm, wall thickness of 4mm PVC steel wire pipe as an example. Poor quality hose pipe thicker part of only 3mm. work under high pressure, easy to cause uneven force on the wall, resulting in PVC wire burst or deformation, affecting normal use.
  5. When measuring wall thickness, PVC steel wire pipe should be cut off at both ends, and the middle of the pipe as a specimen to prevent some manufacturers from making articles at the ends of the pipe. The actual wall thickness is at both ends of the pipe.
  6. Cut a few centimeters of re-folded steel wire at each end of the PVC steel wire hose to check the strength and toughness of the wire. Poor quality steel wire will be folded once or twice, while quality PVC steel wire hose requires special tools to cut.
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